Industrial Engineering

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Department of Industrial Engineering at Izmir University of Economics. 

We provide a quality education for our students in the light of the latest developments in our field by using the most advanced technologies by experienced faculty members who were educated in the best universities worldwide. The successful professional studies and organizations by Industrial Systems Group (ISG), which is founded by the students of the department, have contributed to both students’ and department’s academic environment and their recognition at national and international level.

Our department continues to admit students among the gifted young people raised in this country by offering them innovative educational program, based on the unique understanding of the philosophical foundations of the profession and a strong tradition of research. We strongly believe that our success and efforts in regard to this will continue without abating and slowing down.

A significant majority of our graduates continue their academic careers at world's best universities. Those, who chose business world, work at multinational companies in the world. We are truly proud of their accomplishments.

We believe you will shape your future in the right direction by making best use of the facilities, social and cultural atmosphere that Izmir University of Economics, Department of Industrial Engineering offers you.

We wish you all good luck. May all your dreams come true.