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İzmir University of Economics Industrial Systems Society was founded in 2007 by the students of İzmir University of Economics Industrial Systems Engineering Department. After its establishment, it started to make a name for itself with its academic and career-based studies within the school.

Our club, which joined ESTIEM (European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management) in 2010, added a new dimension to its activities and started to organize events across Europe. The Europe 3D Coordination Meeting held in 2013 was selected as the best event of the year among 150 events and received the "The Best Event of the Year, 2013" award.

Industrial Engineering Community Association (EMT) the first and only Industrial Engineering related legal entity that aims to bring together the Industrial Engineering Societies in Turkey and Cyprus. Industrial Systems Society has been in this umbrella organization since 2016. General meetings are held 3 times each year, and it offers areas for the development of the network of future industrial engineers, where they can improve themselves and those around them. The society has organized the TEDx conference, which was held for the first time in Izmir University of Economics in 2018, under the name of TEDxIzmirUniversityofEconomics and brought a new perspective to our club.

The society continues its activities with approximately 120 members, 70 of which are active. The Industrial Systems Society, whose target audience is all Izmir University of Economics students, is one of the most active student clubs of Izmir University of Economics, with its domestic and international organizations and joint work.

Click here for the events organized by our group since 2011.

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