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Industrial engineering is an engineering discipline enabling the optimum manufacturing and distribution of products and services, the efficient use of limited resources such as information, capital, raw materials, technology, energy, and workforce, and the design, establishment, operation, control and improvement of systems managing these resources’ interactions.

World’s developed countries owe these qualifications to the advanced industrial production techniques. The industry will continue to be one of the main sources of life today and tomorrow, as it was yesterday. If you would like to take an active role in the future industry and in shaping it, we would like to welcome you to the Department of Industrial Engineering.

Department of Industrial Engineering  aims to educate creative and energetic industrial engineers who can detect the social and economic size of industrial production systems from a broad framework; not only gained the ability to solve problems, but also the ability to predict; can design and sustain the integrated production and service systems under the principle of efficiency. Our department is established by re-shaping the traditional 'Industrial Engineering' discipline in a broader perspective by considering the requirements of the age.

While the traditional industrial engineering mainly considers the human-machine relations and manufacturing systems based on these relations, Izmir University of Economics, Department of Industrial Engineering also adds the significant 'IT' dimension to that. The Department of Industrial Engineering is committed to educate qualified engineers who will be able to resolve the lack felt in this area, and will develop a new approach model for industrial companies and organizations.

Department of Industrial Engineering graduates are employed to design, install, operate, control and improve the most effective competitive production systems, by increasing the efficiency in industrial systems that are inevitable in the industrial, service and public sectors. These engineers, who internalized the information and the information technologies that are regarded as one of the most important factors of today’s development, and an integrated system approach in increasing the production and efficiency, and in reducing the costs during their education, are industry's most sought-after engineers.

Topics of study include: modelling and optimization of systems, operations management, development of expert and heuristic systems, decision support and simulation systems, supply chain management, project management, logistics, inventory control, product and process design, information technologies, information management and data mining, operations research and optimization, computer integrated manufacturing systems, computer-aided manufacturing, maintenance and reliability systems, total quality system, and so on.

For more information about the department and our faculty members, please visit our web site or see our department introduction presentation.



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