Department of Industrial Engineering

Program Outcomes


To have adequate knowledge in Mathematics, Science, Computer Science and Industrial Engineering; to be able to use theoretical and applied information in these areas on complex engineering problems.


To be able to identify, define, formulate, and solve complex Industrial Engineering problems; to be able to select and apply proper analysis and modeling methods for this purpose.


To be able to design, implement, verify, validate, document, measure and maintain a complex Industrial system, process, or product under realistic constraints and conditions, in such a way as to meet the requirements; ability to apply modern methods for this purpose.


To be able to devise, select, and use modern techniques and tools needed for analysis and solution of complex problems in Industrial engineering applications; to be able to use information technologies effectively.


To be able to design and conduct experiments, gather data, analyze and interpret results for investigating complex Industrial Engineering problems.


To be able to work effectively in Industrial Engineering disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams; to be able to work individually.


To be able to communicate effectively in Turkish, both orally and in writing; to be able to author and comprehend written reports, to be able to prepare design and implementation reports, to be able to present effectively, to be able to give and receive clear and comprehensible instructions.


To have knowledge about global and social impact of engineering practices and Industrial applications on health, environment, and safety; to have knowledge about contemporary issues as they pertain to engineering; to be aware of the legal ramifications of Engineering and Industrial Engineering solutions.


To be aware of ethical behavior, professional and ethical responsibility; to have knowledge about standards utilized in engineering applications.


To have knowledge about industrial practices such as project management, risk management, and change management; to have awareness of entrepreneurship and innovation; to have knowledge about sustainable development.


To be able to collect data in the area of Industrial Engineering, and to be able to communicate with colleagues in a foreign language;


To be able to speak a second foreign language at a medium level of fluency efficiently.


To recognize the need for lifelong learning; to be able to access information, to be able to stay current with developments in science and technology; to be able to relate the knowledge accumulated throughout the human history to Industrial Engineering.



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